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Scotland Through Light 2018 Calendar now available

I’m pleased to announce the availability of the Scotland Through Light 2018 calendar. The format is the same as the last calendar – A4 spiral bound calendar which opens out to an A3 size.







The cost of the calendar is £8 plus postage. I am also offering three calendars for £20 plus postage. If you live near me then I might be able to drop off the calendar or you can collect them from me.

To purchase calendars from me then select “Scotland Through Light 2018 Calendar” from the store menu and then click on the image for either the Single Calendar or Special Offer (3 for £20), this will take you to my shop on Etsy.com. Alternatively if you’d rather not purchase through Etsy then get in touch with me using the Contact  page and we can take it from there.


Images on display in the Mosset Tavern, Forres

I am pleased to announce my first public display of images which are being shown in the restaurant of the Mosset Tavern in Forres. There are currently four images on display all of which are for sale. The prints are 15″ x 12″ in size and mounted and framed. I have kept the images local to the Moray area – two from Findhorn “Setting sun at Findhorn” and “Findhorn Gloaming” and two from Hopeman “Hopeman Blush” and “Crimson Sunset”.

If you are in the area please go and enjoy the excellent hospitality at the Mosset Tavern and have a look at my prints. I would love to hear what you think about it.

To find out more about the Mosset Tavern check out their website – http://www.mossettavern.co.uk or their Facebook page – Mosset Tavern

Huge thanks to Gordon, Melissa and the team for their support.

Limited Editions and upcoming trip to the Outer Hebrides

I’m pleased to announce that all three of my limited edition prints are available to purchase through the online store on my website. I do hope to add more prints over the coming months. If you would like to know more about the prints then click on the Purchase Prints link on the site or click here. Postage on all limited edition prints is free. It will normally take two to three weeks to supply a limited edition print due to the fact that I rely on a third party company to produce my prints for me.

Within the next couple of weeks I will be travelling to the Outer Hebrides to do some work for my employer and will be spending 5 days out there. The trip will see me visit the Isles of Lewis, Harris, Berneray, North & South Uist, Benbecula and Barra. While most of my time will be spent travelling between the sites I need to visit I hope to squeeze some photography in – especially during the evenings. Some of you may know that the beaches out there are simply stunning and I hope to try and shoot a few of them. I’ve been using Google Earth to look at potential locations, the satellite and 3D views that it offers have been very helpful in giving me get an idea of what a location will be like.

Here’s an example of what I’ve been looking at on Google Earth

The above picture is a 3D Google Earth snapshot of Scarista beach on the Isle of Harris – a location that I’m quite keen to go to, as you can see I get quite a good idea of what the landscape is like by using this tool.

Hopefully the weather will be kind to me while I’m there, however as long as the rain isn’t horizontal I’ll still be heading out for photos. You don’t need sunshine and blue skies to capture great photos.

Reviewing and re-interpreting images

Its been a while since I’ve been out taking new photos and with winter now upon us it is dark when I leave for work and dark by the time I leave work. This has given me some time in the evenings to review images that I’ve taken over the last year or so. I have found one or two images that have not been worked on at all for reasons I don’t know why and other images I’ve simply felt that I could improve through either changing the crop or simply making minor adjustments to the levels.

I think its a good thing to go through what we’ve done before and if its been a while since you’ve looked at those images then it can be like approaching them with fresh eyes so to speak. It gives you that chance to re-interpret the image.

I don’t believe in making large changes to images, for example some photographers are quite happy to drop a new sky into an image – this is nothing new of course but its not something I would do. I’m more than happy to make adjustments to levels, contrast, cropping and saturation to change the look of an image but that is generally as far as I would go.

I have found that over time my method of processing images in Lightroom or Photoshop has changed and that the process of reviewing my images gives me a chance to apply those newer methods and re-interpret them. The newer methods may not always have a profound change on the original image but sometimes they do, it depends on what changes have been made.

I would say don’t be afraid to go back through your collection of images, firstly unless you’re ruthless with what you keep and what you delete then you are bound to find a few images that you simply overlooked because you saw something more immediately appealing in another. Secondly, see it as an opportunity to re-interpret some of those images. you may be surprised by the results – a new technique that you have learned since you originally processed the image in Photoshop or simply a different crop may have a pleasant and positive impact on what you already felt was a good image.

Here is an example. The two images below are created from exactly the same raw file.

The image on the left is my original interpretation of the photo. At the time I was pretty happy with it and I was using my latest processing methods at the time in Lightroom.

The image on the right was produced today, applying my current processing method and changing the crop. I’ve lightened the image simply by increasing the exposure to +0.35 and adding some fill light to lift the mid-tones which were perhaps too dark in the original version. I also changed the colour profile from “Camera Faithful” to “Camera Landscape” and set the saturation and vibrance to zero – doing this has made the colour of the sand look more like what I remember. The biggest change however has been to change the crop from a 5 x 4 crop to a square crop, I’ve done this to try and bring more balance in to the composition and eliminate the empty area to the left of the rocks. Personally I feel that this is a better interpretation of the image than the original version, you may disagree of course.

The image below was taken at Findhorn beach in Moray. For whatever reason I appear to have ignored it altogether. When I saw it this evening I felt that it was quite a usable image and deserved to be processed.

Finally, as mentioned in my previous post I have relocated north from Edinburgh to Forres. I’m hopeful of being able to get out and take some dawn photos this weekend. I’ll be taking both my digital camera and medium format film camera along for the shoot, with a bit of luck I’ll have some new images to post later on Saturday. I’ve seen some wonderful sunrises while driving to Inverness over the last week or so, I’m hopeful of a good light show….. if not then expect something a bit more moody.

Until then… take care.

End of summer update

As the summer draws to a close I’ve been thinking about how things have gone this year. So far its been a year of ups and downs with both my photography and personal life. My wife and I are in the process of relocating to Inverness which is proving to be taking much longer than either of us imagined. Laura got a job in Inverness pretty quickly and so far I’ve had no success, the job market has pretty much dried up especially in the world of IT Support. I’ve had a couple of interviews so far and I’m currently waiting to hear if I’ve been successful with the most recent interview. Laura also took very ill in June and baffled the medical profession for some time, thankfully she seems to be on the mend now. Hopefully she’ll be able to go back to work soon.

My decision to start using film again has proved to be a good one and has yielded some of the best images I’ve ever taken so far. There have been numerous mistakes along the way, partly down to lack of familiarity with the medium format gear I’m using and partly down to me forgetting to check things. Modern digital SLRs are impressive and the results that the latest generations are yielding seem very good, however for me there is something missing from the final image (and no its not the lack of grain!). Its really hard to describe the difference but put simply I feel that the colours and tones you get from film are better. Medium Format digital backs which record in 16-bit colour get pretty close in many respects but the cost of switching to such a system is prohibitive for me.

So the big question is, will I continue to use film or will I simply go back to digital?  I’ve thought about this for a while now and film is the winner. Ok so there are going to be running costs i.e. film and processing and I won’t get to see the results instantly but for me the quality of the final results are more important than either of those.

Please note that I’m not saying digital photography is bad – I’ve been shooting digital for the last three years! I’ve just reached a point where I find the results from film to be more satisfactory, its a personal thing.

Here are three images that I’ve taken on film this year. The first image was taken on my Mamiya M645J with a 45mm Lens. The last two were taken on a Mamiya RB67 with a 65mm lens. All three were shot on Velvia 50.

The one thing that I’ve not mentioned for a while is my charity calendar. Unfortunately I’m not going to be producing a 2010 calendar as I’ve simply not had the time to get all the images that I wanted. Providing that I manage to get a job in Inverness soon I do hope to be able to start working towards a  2011 calendar, this will also depend on whether I can find a sponsor to cover the printing costs. I will keep you posted on this.

That’s the end of my update, I’ll try and post more regularly to the blog from now on. Until next time… take care!