Outer Hebrides – Seilebost and Luskentyre

Luskentyre beach was the next location on my list and if I’m being honest it was probably the location that I was most looking forward to visiting. I’d seen many great photos of Luskentyre beach and from what I’d seen on Google Earth it was definitely the ideal location to go to on such a short trip.

Before going to Luskentyre I decided to investigate Seilebost which I had passed it on my way up to Tarbert, the tide was quite far out and I was able to walk right out into the bay. This is definitely another location that I would like to go to back to for a photo shoot at dusk.

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On to Luskentyre!

Luskentyre beach is pretty big and has some great views across to the Taransay, Seilebost and the mountains of Harris. The sand is very white and also very soft which requires extra effort to walk along. Initially I was struggling to find potential images but as I walked along the beach the light was beginning to  change and I was starting to see potential images, infact I was starting to feel a little spoilt for choice. There were little clumps of grass at the bottom of the dunes that caught my eye and and the dunes themselves were looking good in the evening light.

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The sun was getting quite low now and I wanted to try and see a bit more of the beach before getting some dusk shots. The beach heads round in the direction of Seilebost, the patterns in the sand as a result of the tides help add some texture for the photos below.

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The sunset itself wasn’t exactly spectacular and I tend to shy away from taking photos of sunsets these days and wait for the gloaming instead. About ten minutes after the sun had set the colours in the sky really started to come out creating colourful reflections in the wet sand.

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One thing that I’d noticed when I was at Berneray the previous evening was how the place seemed to glow – I think the white sand has something to do with it. The effect seemed more apparent at Luskentyre and helped create quite an atmosphere for these final images.

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I’m really pleased with these images and I hope that you like them too.

In my next post I will cover the last night of my tour where I went to Dalbeg on Lewis. Until then, take care 🙂

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