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  1. Susan McNaughton

    Hi Chris. I’ve got hi-speed broadband and the page took lots of time to load, and I found the Tiltviewer distracted from the power of your amazing images.
    Sorry to criticise, I think the photographs are wonderful. But I thought you’d want the feedback.

  2. Chris Thomson

    Hi Susan

    Thanks for the feedback. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

    I have switched the gallery over to SimpleViewer which seems to load up a great deal faster – I’m currently on a relatively slow broadband connection.

    Let me know what you think.

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  3. Susan McNaughton

    Hi Chris, sorry it took me so long to look. The website is much improved by using SimpleViewer. Photos are superb. We went to Seacliff recently and I thought it was an amazing beach – I’ve lived in Edinburgh for over 40 years, and this was the first time I’d been there – prompted by reading the Time Out guide to Britain’s best beaches.

  4. Sumedh

    Oh you’ve done some terrific work here. These are such beautiful places… I have been thinking of coming to Scotland for quite some time to shoot and you’ve just given me another motivation! 🙂

  5. Madeline Mundt

    Beautiful photos…I found your site via and I really enjoyed look at your photos…I am traveling to Scotland in a couple of weeks and can’t wait to see some of these places myself!

  6. theboss

    Hi Tim

    It is definitely the scan you made (thanks again!), do you mean difference between the scan and the final print? If so then there was no difference. I lightened the image slightly using curves in photoshop – thats all I did to it. The print was done by Loxley Colour who I use all the time because I have found them to be probably the best at getting the print almost bang on when compared to what I see on screen.


  7. Rupert

    Think your images are absolutely stunning! Am from Scotland myself although not lived there for quite a while and it’s made me feel very homesick! I am trying to get better at photography myself. (Any feedback from my site would be appreciated!).
    Also – can you share any wisdom on how youa re exposing the sky so well? What kind of filters are you using?

  8. theboss

    Hi Rupert

    Thank you for your kind comments, I will have a look at your site.

    Exposing for the sky – the best advice I can give is to invest in a set of Graduated Neutral Density filters – I use Hi-Tech filters made by a company called Formatt. There are other brands of filters out there – Cokin and Lee, the latter being the most expensive. There are different strengths of filters out there 0.3ND (1-Stop), 0.6ND (2-stop) and 0.9ND (3-stop), I would recommend getting one of each. I also carry a 1.2ND (4-stop) grad filter for when there is quite a bright sunset sky. In general I tend to use the 0.6ND although I have found myself reaching for the 0.9ND or 1.2ND a bit more often than I used to. I generally expose my images for the foreground and use a handheld spot meter to measure the difference in exposure between the ground and the sky, from that I can work out which strength of filter I need to use. Modern digital SLRs have good meters on them and generally give good readings with an ND Grad filter in place.

    The only other advice I can give is simply get out there and practice, learn the limits of your camera – doing this will help you to learn how your camera handles extreme lighting conditions.

    If you are shooting at sunset remember that daylight lingers for a while after the sun has dropped below the horizon – this is normally when I start taking pictures because the light is much softer than when the sun was above the horizon. Don’t stop taking pictures when the sun has set.

    I hope that helps – I could go on for a long time but I think what I’ve said will set you on the right track.

    Best wishes

  9. Helen

    Hi Chris

    I hate to tell you this, but I never had a moment’s sea-sickness until I went to SK. I was out on deck in all weathers, going back and fore across the Minch for years, laughing at all those who were suffering. That has all changed. It crept up on me unexpectedly not long after leaving Lewis for SK. Sadly, it hasn’t really left me since. Sea-sickness tablets are definitely a wise move. Hoping you have a wonderful time. I am very jealous (but not so jealous that I’d make up a sea-sickness story just to get you worried …)