My name is Chris Thomson and I have been interested in photography since I was a young boy when my parents gave me a little Kodak Instamatic. My interest grew stronger during my mid teens when my dad gave me his Olympus OM-10 SLR.

Photography was pretty much on the back burner during my 20’s while I played keyboards in my band (we were called Kabuki). Hot sweaty rehearsal rooms and pubs and clubs in Edinburgh were the order of the day!  It has only been in the last few years that I’ve started taking photography more seriously.

I am inspired by the work of Ansel Adams and Joe Cornish along with other Scottish photographers.

My main passion in photography is for landscapes and in particular Scotland’s landscape. When out taking photos I feel some kind of connection with the landscape that is quite hard to put in words but hopefully comes through in the photos.

Although Scotland is a well photographed country we are lucky enough to have such diverse weather conditions that it is possible to get a different image every time the landscape is captured.

In terms of the gear I use I have both film and digital cameras with the digital option being the one I used almost all the time until recently. I have started to use film again using a medium format camera and have found that I prefer the look of film, it has has that little extra something that digital cannot produce.  I think that digital is a great for most things but I feel that for what I do, film currently fits the bill better.

For the gear heads out there here is a list of the camera equipment I currently own.

  • Canon EOS 400D (Digital Rebel XTi)
  • Tamron SP 17-55mm f/2.8 Dii Lens
  • Canon EOS 5 35mm Film camera
  • Canon 28-80mm USM II lens
  • Olympus OM 10 and OM 4 35mm Cameras
  • Olympus Zuiko 50mm f/1.8
  • Sigma 28-135mm OM fit lens
  • Mamiya M645J Medium Format camera with 80mm Lens, 45mm lens and Prism Finder
  • Holga 120CFN Medium Format camera
  • HiTech Neural Density grads and Cokin glass Circular Polariser filter
  • Nikon Coolscan LS-40 ED 35mm scanner

I am also using a Mamiya RB 6x7cm medium format camera which has been loaned to me by a friend at the camera club I’m in.